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PetAlert Switzerland is the most complete solution for quickly and easily disseminating notices of disappearance or discovery of animals through multiple channels of information.
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Discovery alert 100% FREE
You saw a lost pet or you've collected one: easily inform the greatest number of people and help the owner find the pet quickly.
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Your pet has disappeared or has been stolen : rapidly transmit its description and information related to his/her disappearance. You increase your chances of finding it.

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Cat Gone
Disappearance alert Cat Female , 3 years Lancy Switzerland Lancy / Genève 12.12.2019
Cat Gone
Disappearance alert Cat Male , 2 years Romanel-sur-Morges Switzerland Romanel-sur-Morges / Vaud 11.12.2019
Cat Gone
Disappearance alert Cat Female , 4 years Villars-sur-Glâne Switzerland Villars-sur-Glâne / FR 10.12.2019
Cat Found
Discovery alert Cat Male , Between 7 and 9 months Prilly Switzerland Prilly / Vaud 10.12.2019

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